Why I’m Running

Hello! I’m Jim Shoemaker.

I moved to San Joaquin County over 30 years ago. I became a father, raised my family, and started a business here. The current state of our district deeply troubles me in the direction we’re heading. Right now in Sacramento, there are bills in the senate taking aim at parental rights, propping up failing schools, prioritizing criminals over business owners, and increasing spending for bloated pet projects paid for with your dollar. The average working citizen is paying more and more with no relief in sight under the current majority rule in California. Our freedoms, our families, our economy, and our leadership has been derailed. It is time we take back District 5 and move forward.

We need to take back control of our lives. We can do this with economic deregulation, medical freedom, and reform to our education system.
The primary election is March 5th 2024. I can’t do this alone, but together we can. It’s time to step up for our Community, the Valley, and California.

— Jim Shoemaker

Important Issues

- Protecting children and upholding parental rights
- Bringing law and order back to CA
- Water preservation, management and storage
- Medical Freedom
- School Choice
- Deregulations and limited government control
- Supporting veterans
- Protecting the 2nd Amendment
- Sanctity of life


Get Involved!

Our campaign will not be successful without a true grassroots effort.

Join us by sending an email today with how you could help!

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